I find inspiration… EVERYWHERE from the beautiful venues I'm so very fortune to work in, to walks through the parks in Central London, to squashing my nose up to Philip Treacy's shop window in Elizabeth Street


My dream travel destination... well more recently I've resigned myself to the 'take every travel opportunity thrown at you' mind set. I love the thought of being open to everything and everywhere no matter how remote or local. New horizons? Bring it on.

Which venue has your favourite view?

From the Shangri La Ballroom

What do you love most about your job?

Whilst I love the flower aspect of my job I have so much fun with all the other facets. Recently whilst helping a bride find her perfect outfit in Issey Miyake, I stumbled on a signature pleated suit which very soon I feel is destined to become my latest acquisition.


My coffee table is… home to an ever changing stack of fashion and interiors magazines and endless inspirational, pictorial books from Stephen Jones, Tim Walker and Manolo Blahnik to name a few. Just feed me pretty and interesting pictures!

What’s your most memorable job?

That's soooo difficult, I have so many favourites.... but I loved the recent wedding I looked after in Madrid. Besides the most incredible of venues, Madrid Casino, the Bride, Zoë was an absolute angel and is always in my heart.

My favourite things in life…

This is always close on impossible for me. It so much depends on my mood. I love choosing a fragrance in the morning, having a choice is so important, it can augment the mood you're in or change to a whole new one - amazing! Places are like that too... I'll always love Claridges and Cecconis albeit they're not too secret.

My top floral tip for the season

Choose what makes you happy and what makes you smile, what works with your venue, home or the space you're in and enjoy!

It's so funny some people know their flower names, others are drawn to colour and shapes.


My advice is that seasonal is always best. You can't beat a sumptuously romantic full blown peony in May/June!

Who do you follow on Instagram?

My goodness I love instagram!!! So visually intoxicating always fresh and connecting people. I follow:


Richard Quarterly

Victoria Brynner


Couture Notebook

Gracious Opulence

Where should brides-to-be look for inspiration?

Instagram is a great place for inspiration, but stay true to you! Be all that you are! Be beautiful.


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