Combining her love of floristry with a passion for art and design, Harriet Parry is renowned for her incredibly imaginative floral displays. Harriet’s work is playful and beautifully bright, with a wild and loose aesthetic. Staying true to the natural movement of flowers and foliage Harriet uses both fresh and artificial to create her breathtaking poseys. Inspired by art, music, fashion, a moment in a film or even a particular time in history, Harriet is just the person to give us her top floral trend tips for next season...


Alternatives to bridal bouquets, in the form of wearable flower accessories.

Essentially, 2019’s floral features are all about the non-traditional, asymmetrical, unexpected, or rustic. That goes for original ideas to rock wearable fresh flowers such as opting for finely detailed flower crowns or dainty wrist corsages. Move away from bloom-stuffed statement pieces and look to anything that resembles delicate floral jewellery.



Feathers and flowers

To add a delicate bohemian vibe, feathers are a fun addition to any element of your wedding décor, in particular the floral bouquets and table centres. Think speckled guinea fowl, stripy pheasant or jewel-hued peacock feathers. Less is always more here: the aim is not to detract from the flowers, to but give a different dimension to classic floral styling.



Gypsophila is a flower trend I don't see going anywhere anytime soon! For 2019 it may be the year for the pink variety.

Long live the humble gyp - heaps of teeny white whimisical clouds of blossoms on green stalks – the ultimate romantic dreamy floral. It’s a trend that’s been around for a while and works best styled alone to create anything from dramatic ball arrangements to delicate floral crowns. And for 2019 the pretty pink shade is what to look out for.



A mix of flowers in every colour of the rainbow.

Beautiful blooms in an array of candy-coloured hues is going to be massive for 2019. Go for blooms in the brightest shades with all sorts of different tones and textures but arranged with simplicity to retain delicacy. Remember summer will be best for picking the ultimate colourful poseys.



A contrast to the big and bold, a less is more approach using simple garden flowers in bouquets with a "just picked" styling.

Natural and unstructured is where to go for bang on-trend floral styling next season. A creative florist will relish working with natural meadow flowers and foliage to create wild and loose displays.


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