My mother is a beauty. No question. Unlike myself, she has these electrifying blue-grey eyes that need nothing more & a shock of dark brown hair which until recently didn't need much of a dye job unless she was in the mood for a tonal change. I remember when she first noticed a few grey hairs & requested I pluck them out so no one would see. What she failed to realise was that due to her abundance of hair, one or two grey hairs were never really going to be noticed by her peers. But hey, if that's your only vice, so be it. I've always been slightly envious of these traits & wished I looked more like my mother than my father who gave me brown eyes & a blonder hue. Thankfully what I did inherit from my mother was her abundance of hair & her relatively clear skin, & seeing how she is now in her late fifties & has barely aged at all, I'd certainly like to try to keep it that way!


Being a makeup artist, I know a few tips & tricks to give the illusion of eight hours sleep & #justwokeuplikethis beauty, however my overall belief is that makeup always looks best on a perfect canvas. So in order to keep things simple, let's start with the basics.


Walking through any supermarket, boutique, chemist, online store, you name it, we are faced with an overwhelming plethora of choice when it comes to choosing the right cleanser for what suits our skin best. In general, you want one that doesn't strip your skin & leave you feeling tight after you've finished cleansing. If you feel or hear a squeak, then it's time to find a new one. Listed below are three of my favourite tried & tested cleansers that get the job done without the squeak.


Perfect Cleanse Clarifying Oil - NUDE : This omega-rich formulation includes ingredients such as passion fruit seed oil which helps to purify & brighten skin thanks to the Vitamin C component, as well as a powerhouse of antioxidants from kalahari melon seed oil, cranberry seed oil & pomegranate seed oil to help protect skin from free radicals. I would recommend this oil to milk cleanser to anyone with an oily to combination skin, however if you are truly more on the dry side then I'd recommend the original formula.

Flower Infused Cleansing Milk - Chantecaille : When I first came across cream cleansers, I'll admit I found them a bit strange. I couldn't quite fathom how something that essentially looked & felt like a moisturiser was going to be able to clean my skin. Turns out they really aren't that difficult. All you do is pop a small amount either on a cotton pad or your fingertips, massage into the skin & rinse. Pretty simple. The rose water base keeps skin hydrated while effectively removing makeup & the inclusion of blue cornflower gives eyes a soothing yet radiant boost. This is particularly good for stubborn mascara that doesn't want to budge. For those of you who have a drier, dehydrated skin, consider this your new best friend. You're welcome 😉

In Transit No Traces - This Works : Perfect for travelling or the lazy girl. Now now, don't be so shocked! I know plenty of you damsels are falling asleep with yesterday's face on because you're too tired to walk to the basin. So let's bring the basin to your nightstand. Packaged in a set of 60 pads, these rose water & mint soaked wipes will remove makeup & the London air while leaving skin refreshed. It's a no brainer, really.

STEP 2. TONE (Optional)

Toners. Some of us have them, but what do they do? Put simply, toners were developed to remove your cleanser because European waters were too harsh on the skin & could cause issues & irritation. I like to follow the same idea when thinking of using a toner. If you don't need one, then skip it. For those of you who do, I suggest By Terry - Cellularose Hydra Toner. This rose water toner hydrates skin & removes the last traces of your makeup & cleanser without feeling sticky or tight. What more could you want?


When it comes to anti-aging, nothing does it better than a serum. These littles gems are loaded with peptides & antioxidants that will do everything from prolong botox effects to completely changing the surface appearance of the skin. For some people though, keeping your regime as simple as possible is what works for them so they choose to stick with the moisturiser. If you're not sure what to choose in order to get results, might I suggest a hybrid product such as the NUDE ProGenius Omega Treatment Milk. Seeing firsthand what a difference this product makes to the skin, I cannot recommend it enough. I first gave it to a bride of mine two weeks prior to her wedding. We were trying to be rid of a flaking skin irritation on her forehead which wasn't allowing her makeup to sit correctly. As I had a bottle in my kit to prep the skin with anyway, I asked her to try it for two weeks to see if we could get the skin looking better by her wedding. Low & behold, two weeks later I saw her for the wedding itself & she was buzzing. The flaking had completely disappeared as well as the overall redness in her skin. If anything, she had gained a tiny spot due to a regulated sebum production. AMAZING! Better to have a spot than a wrinkle! What is also quite great about this product is while you may use it just as a serum during winter & team it with a moisturiser over the top, during summer you could use it as both your serum & moisturiser as the texture is quite comfortable on its own. Genius.

So there you have it, three basic guidelines to keeping the skin you were born with. Of course there are a million more tips & tricks out there, but as long as you master the basics, your skin should treat you as well as you treat it.

Blog post written Quelle.