Renowned for creating jaw-dropping floral displays and her show-stopping approach to wedding styling, Amie Bone is the hottest name to know in bridal. Here she chats to House of Thabiso on how to pick the perfect big day flowers.

What’s the big floral trend for next season?

Foliage is still big next year – adding lots of texture to the floral styling is going to be huge for 2018 and we love this.

What about a winter wedding? How can you pick seasonally but still get maximum standout?

For me a winter wedding is all about white flowers, candle light and pine cones. I love bouquets that contain cones and lots of white flowers with light grey foliage that give that beautiful cold wintery look. In a room full of candlelight, I don’t think you could ask for anything more stunning.

For the DIY bride – what’s the secret to making arrangements look like a pro?

Single heads in vases work for the DIY bride – there’s no ‘arranging’ and on mass, they look amazing.

Should you consider the venue when picking your floral décor theme?

Always consider the venue’s décor when choosing flowers – what works in one venue will not work in another. This will have a huge impact on colours too – if your venue has yellow walls for example, a lighter colour palette of lemons, creams and greens will look much better than reds or purples.

How can you get more bang for your buck when picking your floral arrangements?

I always recommend reusing florals as many times as possible so you can spread the cost. For example, spending the budget on a show stopping table display that we can reuse to dress the ceremony with different vases means you get to use the displays twice. Plus, the guests will never know as they will be styled in different vases!


Table centre pieces are usually the obvious, but are there any clever alternatives to making the reception décor stand out?

We use a lot of candles for wedding reception décor – used in varying holders at different heights, you can make a huge impact on the guests when they enter the room.

Is your dress important when picking the bridal bouquet?

We always recommend buying your dress before coming to see us. If you have a beautiful fitted dress, you might fancy a neater shaped bouquet, or if your dress has a full skirt, you might want a larger, more unstructured look. We will always be honest with what we feel will suit your dress and the style of the flowers you want elsewhere on the day.