From exquisitely scribed invitation envelopes and bespoke escort cards to chalkboard table plans, there’s almost nothing that can’t be beautified with a little arty lettering. And when it comes to adding a luxe touch to your wedding day stationery, handwritten calligraphy can seriously up your big day décor style stakes. House of Thabiso caught up with the supremely talented Lindsay Taylor from Taylor Made Calligraphy on how to pick your stationery like a pro.


What are the cool calligraphy trends for 2018?

A lot of brides are requesting purple themed stationery for their weddings, and also green and white seems to be popular for a more botanical and rustic look. I’ve also had many requests for metallic colours; particularly gold and rose gold which always add an extra something to an occasion.


How would you recommend incorporating modern calligraphy into your big day: blow the budget vs cute saving tips?

There seems to be no limits to how much calligraphy and signage you can incorporate on the day: chalkboards showing the order of the day, signs at the bar with a list of cocktails, or signs for a visitor book. I love handwritten menus, they look great to finish a table but can be costly. It can be as simple as writing on paper, or writing 'Table 1' on a glass bottle, or place names on agate gem stones which can also be a wedding favour for guests to take home. A table plan in calligraphy is a great opener for setting the scene for the dinner and can be framed after the big day for the couple's home. Place names tend to start from £1 per name, and a table plan can start from £100. To keep the budget down just keep things simple and elegant.

Why is stationery key to setting your big day décor theme?

When I see calligraphy at a wedding I love the detail and how personal is makes that wedding look.

Should you consider venue/décor styling when choosing your stationery themes?

Absolutely. The great thing about calligraphy it is so adaptable to different décor styling. It can be of the copperplate style with lots of flourishes for a more formal affair, or very loose and simple for a more relaxed and romantic look.

Is seasonality important?

It can be, but a lot of it can blend into seasons. The classic colours like dark blue, dark green and dark red will work all year round. Metallics also can look great on dark paper for wintery colder times of year. Gold on off-white can look fresh and summery in warmer months.

The personal touch - why should brides use a calligrapher?

alligraphers all have a different style, so when choosing an artist do your research to find someone with a similar aesthetic to what you are looking for. Any calligrapher will want to make each commission bespoke and personal to each client. For a lot of people, calligraphy really finishes a wedding to a high standard and guests are always impressed when they see it. In an age of everything being technical and accessible through the internet it is wonderful to use a skill such as handwriting to create a unique look.


My top five people to follow on Instagram are...


Oh Wonder CalligraphyJudy Broad CalligraphyAway with Words CalligraphyLondon Calligraphy and of course Crooked Calligraphy (warning - swear words used a lot but I love her style!)


This is so hard as so many brilliant calligraphers are out there doing it on the side of their day job, and so many different styles! As well as the ones who have decided to make it a business. It's very much personal preference but I like to think I can appreciate all typography and lettering in its unique style.

What inspires you?

ooks! Literature is a big factor, being moved by quotes, songs, poems and verse. Also, I love botanicals and how they can work in design with words and illustrations. I'm looking to try watercolour and paint plants and herbs to use in my work. I'm in a time in my life where lots of friends are having babies and I love coming up with different presents which are meaningful to the family that receives them. Writing quotes from classic children's books has a wonderful innocence to it. And personalisation is still as popular as ever.


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