We all want to look beautiful in our big day pics, but how do you go about picking the perfect photographer? From shooting catwalk shows, to documenting weddings, renowned photographer David Christopher gives us his industry insights into achieving stunning wedding photography.



Pick a photographer that suits your personality. People will often say they don’t know about photography, but I think they know more then they think. We will often have a clear understanding of what we like in life, for example the people we get along with, the places we like to travel and the decoration of our homes. Try to find someone who is aligned to your way of thinking and this will make for a much more positive experience. You will naturally be drawn to someone similar to you in some way.





Look for a photographer who can deliver strong and beautiful photos from getting ready photos, to the details, natural moments and the couple photos. When browsing you will discover a lot of polished home page images of beautiful romantic photos, but it’s important to look through full wedding galleries to see how a photographer performs in all lighting including daylight to low lit churches.


Photography style

Pick a photography style that you will truly love, there are usually three main types to consider: true photo journalism, traditional wedding photos thirdly, a mixture of mainly photo journalism with a few classic elements - this is usually the most popular. Many couples want to enjoy their day without the photographer taking over.




Even the best photographers in the world will spend time editing every photo. When searching for your perfect photographer look for a stunning portfolio where you can clearly see refined photos.




Most of the successful photographers will have a team small or large and this will be a huge benefit for your experience. Successful wedding photographers are really busy and booked sometimes years in advanced. They will also have second photographers and assistants ready. The photos will be of a much higher quality as his editor will have spent much more time on each photo compared to what a solo photographer could achieve.




Look for real reviews, you will find similar positive things about the photographer, see if they are qualities that are important to you.


Timing and communication

Timing is crucial! It’s so important to sit down with your photographer and discuss the timings of the day, A Wedding photographer who is experienced may have shot 100- 200 or even more weddings so they will have seen more then your average wedding planner, they will know all the good elements that work in a wedding and the areas where there may be problems. They will know exactly how much time you should allocate for each set of photos from the morning shots, to the groups, couples, and potential to seek out new shots. Couple shots and group shots may be rushed if not enough time is given - to have the most relaxed wonderful wedding, simply talk things through, some couples prefer lots of photos whilst others may want their wedding entirely natural.


Your Look

I think it’s so crucial for a bride to feel like a princess on her wedding day, therefore flawless make up, hair and a dress that suits her shape are all really important. Pick a dress that is suited to who you are and pay for the best make-up artist and hair stylist you can afford - like the photographer these are things you really don’t want to go budget on, the photos will reflect how talented the artist is and all work in harmony with one another.



Your venue can be completely luxurious or very simple and beautiful, it’s not how much money you spend but the feeling you get from a venue which should reflect both of you. Less can sometimes be more - look out for features that might be stunning for couple photos such as beautiful garden archways and architectural features.



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