Light Light Light, my best friend at a Wedding, it is THE key ingredient to incredible photography. Natural light is an essential tool for capturing the most beautiful moments.


1.) Time of day is vital for those sensational sunrise and sunset photos. Early morning and a few hours before sunset are the best opportunities to create those breathtaking golden shots, it’s not called the golden hour for nothing!


2.) Prep time. I cannot stress the importance for beautiful, emotional photographs with the addition of large windows, expansive white walls, ceilings, the more light in that room the better. Plus this will help massively in the hair and make-up department - everyone is happy!!

3.) If you're planning an outdoor ceremony be careful of harsh sunlight, it can be the cause of dark horrible shadows, especially under the eyes. Some sort of shade is always going to be the better option in this instance, unless you wait until the sun is less harsh. If you are getting married in church also be aware of the pools of light, this can look dreadful for the same reason, especially if you’re in the light and your husband to be is not!


4.) At the wedding reception the same rules apply as in the previous comments but something I would also advise is avoid having windows behind you, both during the cake cutting and wedding breakfast.


5.) Everyone wishes for sunshine on their wedding day. However in the UK I am always so happy if it is overcast, those clouds act as giant softboxes and create a much softer light avoiding those unflattering shadows. It also means we can photograph in those picturesque places instead of hunting for shade!

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