Relaxed, natural portraits of you looking your best is possibly top of your wedding day wish list.

One of the UKs top wedding photographers, Lucy Davenport is here to talk about how to achieve this! 

Lucy is a much sought after photographer with an impressive fashion and editorial background, who's work has been featured in Brides magazine, You & Your Wedding, Style Me Pretty, Rock My Wedding and more!  


Not everyone is a natural in front of the camera. I get it.... I'm really not a fan myself! In fact having my headshot taken for my website is possibly up there with feeling my most awkward! At least on my wedding day I had some dutch courage by the time the bridal portraits came around ;)

For me as a photographer, its vital that I have a good relationship with each of my couples. I want to know what makes them tick, see how they connect with each other, and for them to understand how I work too. 

Many of my couples become life long friends and I think thats testament to how connected we are and the common ground that we perhaps share. 


Once that trust is in place, you will find it easier to listen and be guided by your photographer. They will direct and coach you throughout your portraits.


There are several things that I would say are within the couples control and somethings that I advise all of my clients.

BE IN THE MOMENT! It sounds simple, but this is the first time on your wedding day that you'll be alone together. With so many emotions running high the morning of the wedding there are probably things you'll want to get off your chest. Whos already had one too many? Who brought a plus one that wasn't invited? Who was late? Be in the moment, enjoy each others company, soak up that just married feeling - it will be portrayed in your images!


Speaking of just married.....make contact! Touch each other, embrace, hold hands! This will automatically give such a romantic feel to your images.


Relax and remember your posture. A key detail for the bride in particular as so many stunning wedding dresses reveal the shoulders. If you're tense, your shoulders will rise and it will be more evident due to the neckline on your wedding dress and the skin showing. 


Finally, have you considered an engagement or pre wedding shoot? Its a great way to have a dry run if you're really worried about being in front of the camera. You'll get to see the results before your wedding day and learn what you like. The images can also be used for a guest signing book, table numbers, or part of your invitations or wedding website.