The fine stationers Leeming Brothers are famed for their luxurious print methods and unrivalled craftsmanship used to create the most beautifully luxurious stationery in the industry. 


Lewis Stevenson, Head of Sales and Marketing at Leeming Brothers, shared with us his top five ways to pick the perfect wedding worthy suite.

1. Know your style

When initially talking to your desired stationery designer/printer, it is always extremely useful to have a general idea of what you want to achieve from your wedding suite. By this I do not mean having designs all ready to go, this is the stationers job, but just to give them some kind of direction. The last thing we want is to put hours into designing something for the client and they come back and say they do not like it. We want to design the suite that you have always dreamed of for your wedding, and an idea is always helpful! 


2. Have a colour scheme

This point falls in with your style. When you have been planning your wedding, you would have had a colour scheme in mind. Please disclose this information when discussing design ideas with your stationer. We work with different inks, colours, substrates and papers all day long. We know which colours complement each other and how to use your chosen colours in the most striking way to make your invitations truly unforgettable for your guests.

3. Nowadays, everything doesn't have to match

Traditionally, wedding stationery was black and white, literally. Folded ivory cards with black engraved script with accompanying RSVP cards. Those were the days! However, styles and trends have evolved considerably, and we are asked to make more and more creative wedding suites. Personally, I love this fact. As much as I adore a traditional wedding suite, I relish the challenge of creating something really special. Often nowadays suites will have a theme such as greys and gold for example, and the suite will contain lots of different shades. Different colours of board with golden inks and foils to create a really stand out suite that still follows a theme.


4. Make sure everyone can read them


Talking of the old days again, every wedding invitation was set in a hand engraved script. Today there are hundreds of thousands of typefaces to choose from. Classic serifs, newer san serifs, scripts and modern calligraphy.


With so much choice, it is important to pick fonts that pair together well, often a script or calligraphy style is used for the couple’s names on a card and a serif or sans serif for the body of text. Try not to pick a font that is so flourished with over the top swashes that you cannot read what the letters are. Oh, and a rule that has never changed, keep the post codes in an easy to read serif/sans serif font, to help your guests find their way to your big day!



5. Don't overcrowd the card

Invitation suites have to contain a lot of information. Modern weddings are often over a couple of days, so guests need to know many points including accommodation, gift lists, and RSVP requirements. Try to keep the information on the invitation to what it needs to be. The invitation is purely for the purpose of inviting your guests to your wedding. RSVP information, a simple dress code, and carriages times are also ok, but anything else should be included on an information card or booklet.



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