Can you tell us a little about your background and how you came to create your label?


My little sister, Kristine was engaged and as we began gown shopping, it was apparent that her dream gown didn’t exist. Seeing her face of disappointment at the bridal shops trying to figure which one to “settle” with, broke my heart and I made it my priority to figure out how to make her wedding gown. I walked the streets of downtown LA’s garment district knocking on tons of doors meeting pattern makers, cutters, and sewing manufacturers. It took a few weeks, but eventually I found a pattern maker who was able to work with me on the gown I designed for my sister. Weeks later, the Princeville was created, and thus my journey into bridal and Katie May Collection.




What was it that attracted you to bridalwear in particular?

As Kristine’s gown became a popular pin on Pinterest, and I was connecting with brides from all over the world, I realized the need for backless bridal gowns balanced in sensual modernity.

What do you think your gowns bring to the wedding industry and what makes them stand out among others?

I believe that we offer sensual bridal gowns that do not overpower the bride, but accentuate the bride’s beauty and shape.

Can you tell us what your very first wedding dress design was like and how your designs have evolved over the years?

The first gown was my sister’s, Kristine. Since her gown, I believe that we have evolved to offer more construction options for the bride.


Do your designs have a signature look, something that makes them instantly recognisable.

Katie May is known for our open backs and fitted silhouettes. Our girl is sexy & stylish.

Where do you get your inspiration from for your designs and what do you enjoy most about creating a new collection?

Fabrics are a constant source of inspiration for me, and something I have incredible amounts of fun sourcing from all over the world. Another aspect of the development process I love, is the fitting process. Seeing your gown for the first time in a fitting is special, and something that I look forward to while developing.

When helping brides to find their dream dress what advice do you offer to them and what do you enjoy about meeting with and interacting with your brides?

My favorite piece of advice to give brides has nothing to do with bridal gowns. I strongly encourage brides to write their own vows with their fiance. Take time to think about what marriage means to you both and the promises you want to make to each other. I remind the brides that none of this matters without a healthy partnership/marriage, so taking time to really invest in the vows, is well worth it.

What next?

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