Speaking to Eszter platinum make up artist, about how to create a signature look with her list of recommendations for the 5 creamiest, most high-pigment and most universally-flattering shades.


"I personally love Charlotte Tilbury’s lipsticks range as they have the most flattering red shades. These lipsticks don’t cake in the creases, nor does it creep away from the lip line. The bullet of these lipsticks has been engineered to perfectly follow the contours of the lips. These lipsticks leave your lips cashmere soft."


So Marilyn

Iconic red lipstick for a perfect, full lips. The shade is remarkably vibrant and long-lasting. It’s packed full of natural moisturisers, too, so will keep lips luscious and primed to perfection all night long.

Love Bite

Warm red lipstick with sheer finish. The shade is a statement, vibrant, true red and it applies creamy and smooth. The blend of waxes helps the formula glide over the contours of your lips.


Red Carpet Red

It's an essential red shade that is sophisticated, beautiful and timeless. Enriched with Lipstick Tree extract which protects lips and is a natural anti-oxidant, and Orchid Extract which soothes and hydrates for a soft, buildable cashmere finish. It has a blue undertone, so it is very flattering and makes your teeth look very white.


Carina’s Love

Inspired by the legendary Chinese actress Carina Lau, this is a pink-y red with slightly warm undertones, brighten the complexion immediately. This is a gorgeous matte lipstick.


Tell Laura

Inspired by the bohemian British beauty, Laura Bailey, this colour is geranium red. The matte formula glides on with ease, keeping lips moisturised throughout the day, while the Lipstick Tree extracts help to protect your lips from UV damage.
This orange-red suits darker skin tones. It makes you feel sassy and confident, and the matte texture stays on all day"



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