Are you sick and tired of hair that does not have enough volume or ends that just don’t look good?


We spoke to Mae to find out what she does to ensure hair has plenty of volume, last all day and stay super shiny and moisturised.

Step 1 – Preparation is key For fabulous hair

The Windle and Moodie Shine and Smoothing Oil will give you all the benefits you need. Its blend of natural oils such as rare Camelia, Apricot and Argan, deliver deep nourishement and bring shine without any greasy after effects... your hair just radiates a natural silky shininess.


What I love about this serum is that you can use it for blowdring. It helps to manage little flyaways, smoothing any frizzy and rebellious hair whilst protecting from the heat, which is absolutely necessary if you're blowdrying your hair or use any heated styling tools on a regular basis.


For the best results, use a few drops on wet hair then massage and style your hair as normal. The smoothing action is even stronger if you add some to your hair once it is dry.


Step 2 - Volume

Volume creates such a great finish to a style and one of my favourite products to create volume is “dust it, mattifying powder” I call this the “Magic powder”!


On short hair, shake it directly into dry hair for an extra volume and style as you like. You can also rub the powder in your hands to turn it into a paste and add texture on the middle ends.


On long hair, roughly section your hair ,apply a small amount on the roots and massage carefully to dissolve the powder and push the roots up. For a stronger action, gently backcomb your hair. No need to do much as the powder already create the “grip” needed.


Step 3 – Make it hold

The hairspray Fix design from l’Oreal Professional is the perfect product for this.


Having a  pump action makes it really easy to use. Tthis spray gives your hair a strong, long lasting hold without leaving any residue and has a hair-protecting UV filter - we so often forget to protect our hair in the same we way do our skin.


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