1. Wedding planner Alexandra Pisani shares her secrets

    Created: 11 Sep 2018 / Categories wedding planning, bridal experts
    We chatted to Alexandra at the Corinthia Hotel about all things bridal and were wowed by her wealth of knowledge, so here she answers our favourite question: if you could recommend just five things to our brides, what would they be?
  2. Sent - Sational

    One thing’s for sure, when it comes to picking a divine wedding day fragrance, there are so many choices. And how to choose? We chat to Jo Malone’s Creative Studio on big day scenting.
  3. 10 Questions with…Tony Marklew

    I find inspiration… EVERYWHERE from the beautiful venues I'm so very fortune to work in, to walks through the parks in Central London, to squashing my nose up to Philip Treacy's shop window in Elizabeth Street
  4. 10 Questions With… Bruce Russell

    Created: 25 Oct 2017 / Categories wedding planning, wedding day, wedding inspiration, bridal experts
    Top international wedding and party planner Bruce Russell is one of the best names in the business. From breathtaking weddings at some of London’s most iconic hotels to mega soirees in the South of France, he’s the man to call to plan a pretty spectacular do. Here, Bruce shares his life and love in ten questions…