When you meet Alendra you just get the feeling that she is the person for the job. Our meeting was held at the gorgeous Corinthia Hotel, the setting is spectacular.

We chatted to Alexandra about all things bridal and were wowed by her wealth of knowledge, so here she answers our favourite question: if you could recommend just five things to our brides, what would they be?

Set a realistic and desired budget

A realistic wedding budget is key! Wedding costs can quickly spiral out of control so it’s important to give yourself enough room for the unexpected and forgotten costs, such as additional guests. Couples often forget to factor in lighting, rentals, shipping charges and last-minute items which can severally impact their budget. Always establish final prices with suppliers that include VAT and taxes etc to avoid any unexpected disappointment.

Hold back on the dress purchase until you’ve found a venue and date - both of these hugely impact the style, look and feel of your wedding. Your dress should be in keeping with the vibe and atmosphere that you are trying to create.


Have a contingency plan for bad weather

Couples often forget to think of a plan B when it comes to weather. They usually get blown away with the excitement of their venue and completely forget that weather plays a crucial part. Always check past weather forecasts, look at historical data that dates as far back as possible and always have a back up plan in case of the unexpected!


Organise Lighting

Lighting is probably the most important factor when setting the mood for your wedding, hire a lighting expert to really enhance the atmosphere and also showcase the focal points of your venue as well as the gorgeous details and rentals that you have hired.


Put yourself in your guest’s shoes

Always think about the guest experience - you want your guests to feel comfortable and that everything is taken care of in terms of the planning and schedule for the day. Will they have enough food and drink during the reception? Will they have to stand around for too long? Will there be heaters to keep them warm when they are waiting for their transport home? All these little details make a huge difference in the way your guests will feel!


Create a detailed schedule

If you are not hiring a planner, it is vital to become wedding organised. Keep all wedding correspondence in one folder- keep everything in one place! You should also think about creating a detailed running order of events for the day and give this to a close friend to manage for you. You would need someone to stay on top of timings and suppliers for you so that you can completely relax and enjoy your day!

Don’t sweat the small stuff - It is inevitable that things may not always go to plan- if this happens take a step back and think about the bigger picture. You are there to celebrate with loved ones, so don’t let any small hiccup ruin your special day!



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