When I first met Jen, I can remember saying to her "you're having a beautiful wedding in such a stunning destination, you must have amazing pictures to document it". Apparently these words played in her head, until I received a call from her saying that she thought she'd regret not having incredible Photos look back on.

We arranged a Pre Shoot with Adam and Jen as a taster, with the lead up to the big day, you can't be in a place like Zante and not take full advantage of where you are.  A combination of the picturesque olive trees that lined the winding roads, coastal views and amazing light provided us with the tools to capture some truly breath taking Photographs.  Adam and Jen put everything into it, (even persuading them to take a "dip" into the sea), and now they have even more to add to their Wedding Album.


The Wedding was upon us, and with soaring heat of 35 degrees maintained through until 7pm at night, I knew it was going to be a warm one.  Thank goodness for Carol at Garden Village, she was unbelieveable and had the solution for any little issues that occured (thank you for the pins)!  Whilst the AC was working overtime in the girls room, the boys were having hairdressing issues in theirs, all this maked for the normal Pre Wedding antics.  With the boys just about ready, they, along with the guests were shipped off to Cameo Island.  A bit of calm, enabled some much needed time to appreciate just how beautiful Jen's blush pink Watters Dress (Rorain) was combined with those incredible Jimmy Choos.

The calm time didn't last long as our Greek taxi driver arrived.  Greek people have the nicest and most friendliest nature but boy do they drive like lunatics.  He was constantly on his horn ALL the way to the Island, even stopping to check he hadn't hit a guy on a scooter which we originally thought was a cat - I know eventful.


Cameo Island, home to the turtles was just perfect, joined to the mainland with an authentic and very narrow bridge, enabled us to capture some beautiful Photographs.  Idyllic scenery greeted us with the backdrop to the ceremony being the ocean - magnificent.  Confetti, drinks and Photo's then back over the bridge to make our way over to restaurant.  Authentic Greek food, great guests and spectacular sunset led us to the speeches and the first dance.  It was our time to leave and let the guests continue partying under the stars (and still 30 degrees).  I hear they were doing 'press-up shots' when they got back to the Villa bar.  I think however the sore heads would have been totally worth it.  Really really lovely couple that put their trust in us and I am so grateful, I think we have them as friends for life, thank you Mr and Mrs Caldecott for looking after us so well.


Photography: Catherine Bradly

Wedding Dress: Watters, Rorain

Wedding Shoes:  Jimmy Choo

Make-Up: Sonia Semjonous

Venue: Cameo Island, Zante