Make-Up Artist in North West

Abby is a highly creative passionate makeup artist who can design bespoke makeup for any occasion. With 12 years experience in the industry, 10years working for MAC Cosmetics , she able to provide exceptional makeup services and experiences.

She has a wealth of experience working on high profile events, photoshoots and back stage at fashion week in London, Paris and Milan, working alongside key artists and designers.  

“When doing somebody’s makeup i feel you light a spark inside them that gives them that bubbly excited feeling. When applying makeup your not just buffing, blending and polishing you are stimulating inner beauty and confidence. That confidence is addictive to be around. It is not only about making you look amazing, it is about encouraging self expression and making you feel the most perfect version of you.

Makeup is my art but more importantly its my passion. I celebrate all things makeup, i love breaking boundaries and making everyone feel good about themselves. I aspire to inspire”